Business or products: Non profit catholic association that harbors 115 children with different physical and mental disabilities.
Location: Cotoca, 24 km from Santa Cruz city.
Number of employees: 84
No. working hours per week: 40

Student Required

Field of study: 40-PHYSICAL SCIENCES
Study Level: Beginning(1-3 semesters) or Middle (4-6 semesters) or End (7+ semesters)
Language Requirements: Fair Spanish or English
Other Requirements: Students or graduates of : Phisiotherapy, Kinesiology, Medicine, Psychology, Nursing, Odontology. Will and predisposition to work with children with different dissabilities ( like cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation, etc.).

Work Offered

Work Description: Assist and support for the professionals in the mentioned areas. The professionals ( doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, dentist, etc.) work at the Home for very few hours per day, so the interns support them during those few hours and the rest of the day during work hours.All the work will be under the direct supervision and guide of the Medical Chief of the home, Dr. Carmelo Vasquez, pediatrician.They often have young volunteers, mainly from Europe, from churchs, missions, and so. But this time they would like to welcome professional help. This is a home for 115 children ( also grown ups) with different types of disabilities, mostly brain paralysis, autism, and so. It is runned by the catholic church, an order of priests from Colombia, but they also have support from the state government. The administration is professional ( paid by the state government). The medical staff is also paid by the government, but they need more.More information available with IAESTE Bolivia, upon request.
Number of weeks: 6-24
Within the months: 02. Oct. 2017 to 31. Dec. 2018
Gross pay: 0 BOB per Month
Deduction to be expected: 0


Lodging arranged by: Employer
Estimated cost of lodging: 0 BOB per Month
Estimated cost of living: 0 BOB per Month

Additional information

Additional information: The employer will include the interns in their Volunteers program. So there will not be a payment in cash, but they will provide Lodging and all the meals, including week days and weekends. They have a new area of Dorms for volunteers, where they host volunteers, usually europeans.They also offer the items they have in their storehouse, as : personal hygiene products, food ( to cook in their own kitchen, if desired), medicines they have in stock. Transport to the city for special cases, migration procedures, weekends, and so ( in the institution┬┤s van).The intern(s) may spend the weekend out of the home if desired. IAESTE LC will try to arrange weekends in the city of Santa Cruz, hosted by IAESTE volunteers. There are up to around 10 available positions for IAESTE interns. Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pg/HogarTeresadelosAndesOficial/about/?ref=page_internalMore information available. We expect an offer in return in AC Berlin 2018.
Deadline for nomination: 30. Jun. 2018