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IAESTE Germany is part of the German Academic Exchange Service
Th, 15/Oct/2015

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IAESTE Germany is funded by the Federal Foreign Office
Th, 15/Oct/2015

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Application Procedure

Every year in october, the IAESTE local comitees start to accept pre-applications for an IAESTE-internship which will take place in the following year. Application deadline is November 30th.

Please use, if possible, the online-application form which is provided on the websites of the dedicated local comitee.

Our IAESTE-Partners from over 80 countries worldwidem, provide us with roughly 800 placements each year.

On a rocky hill: A human sits on a blue IAESTE flag and watches the distance. The background is comprised of rocky but well vegetated terrain enclosing a lake. Directly beyond the humen, the rock declines and enters the lake.

Around mid february the local comitees start to suggest internships to their applicants according to their qualifications, always keeping in mind wishes about target country the applicant may have.

If the applicants are interessted in the offered internships, they will have to prepare a detailed application and yubmit it to the local comitee.

The application then will be transmitted to the employer via the national comitees involved. IMPORTANT NOTE: The application has to be submitted to the employer by March 31st.

wing of a flying planeFrom mid april until end of may (depending on the start of the internship) the students, if their application was successful, will receive a binding note stating that they got accepted by the employer.

At the same time the receiving IAESTE comitee is going to issue all the neccessary documents that will be needed for Visa-application or work permit and contacts the soon-to-be intern.

After receiving the binding acceptance not — in any case not earlier — you should book your flights.

Generally youo will receive details about accomodation, pick-up service from trainstation or airport etc. now.

Now nothing should stand in the way of a successful internship!