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IAESTE Deutschland ist Teil des Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes
Do, 15. Okt 2015

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IAESTE Deutschland wird durch das Auswärtige Amt gefördert
Do, 15. Okt 2015

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Welcome to the 71st

IAESTE Annual Conference
Berlin, Germany

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the vibrant capital of Germany from 19th to 25th January 2018



The registration for the IAESTE Annual Conference 2018 will be done in two steps:

1. All National Secretaries need to register their delegations with the IAESTE board through the link provided via Email.

2. After your delegation has been registered and approved by the board, all members of your delegation will receive the final registration code.


Information about the conference



Travel Information

Berlin hast two major international airports: Schönefeld (SXF) and Tegel (TXL). At both airports we will provide a pick-up-service all day on January 19th, 2018. If you arrive earlier or later, you need to plan the journey from the airport to the hotel yourself.

If you arrive by Train on that day, we will be happy to meet you at Berlin Main Station (Hbf or Hauptbahnhof in German).

Just make sure you state the correct arrival date / arrival place and flight number while filling in your Registration.



Visa Requirements

Citizens of many countries need a visa to enter Germany. Please keep in mind that the visa application process may take a considerable amount of time, so make sure that you submit your visa application at the German embassy or consulate in your country as soon as possible.

In order to find out if you need a visa to participate in the Annual Conference, please check here:


If the entry for your country is „yes“, you will need a visa.

IAESTE Germany will support your visa application by sending you an invitiation letter upon request. If you have any questions regarding your visa or if you would like us to send you an invitation letter, please contact us at ac-2018-germany@daad.de.





  • Dress Code for Special Events:

            Housewarming Party: Smart casual

            Opening Plenary: Business casual, absolutely no tracksuits or flip-flops.

            Panel Discussion: Smart casual, absolutely no tracksuits or flip-flops.

            Welcome Dinner: Formal, festive, dress or suit, no jeans.

            International Evening: please wear clothing typical or traditional in your Country

            Gala Dinner: Formal, dress or suit, no jeans.

  • Payments in Germany
    You should always have some cash on hand. Paying by credit card is highly unusual in Germany. Only huge hotels and stores will accept credit cards.
  • Currency       
    The currency in Germany is the Euro like in most of the countries in the European Union
  • Power adapter
    If your device is 230 volts or is dual voltage but the plug doesn't fit in a German power outlet then you'll need to bring a suitable plug adapter for Germany such a Type F plug adapter. If your device doesn't run on 230 volts and isn't dual voltage, then you will need an additional power converter for Germany to convert the voltage from 230 volts to the correct voltage on your device.
  • Standard voltage
    The standard voltage in Germany is 230 volts
  • Opening hours
    Usually all shops are closed on Sundays. There are only a few exceptions like petrol stations, bakeries and the so-called “Spätis”. Berlin is famous for its “Spätis” which are little shops where you can typically buy drinks, sweets and newspapers.  However, museums are closed on Mondays but open on every other day of the week.
  • Rules
    Germans like to stick to the rules. For example, if you get caught jaywalking fellow pedestrians might scream at you especially when children are around. Also, other traffic rules should be obeyed.
  • Punctuality
    All over the world Germans are famous for their punctuality. Especially when it comes to official meetings or conferences you should always be on time or even arrive a little earlier.
  • Public transport
    Buy a ticket before entering public transport in Berlin. Usually you also must get a time stamp before getting on the bus, tram (Straßenbahn) or metro (U-Bahn). When caught not doing so you must pay a fine of 60€. There are little red boxes located at the stairs of the platform or next to the ticket vending machines where you can have your ticket stamped. If you like to take more than two trips a day it is cheaper to buy a ticket for the whole day. This option is much cheaper.
  • Language
    At least in Berlin most people should be able to speak English. Especially in Berlin there is also a large Turkish and Arabic community.
  • Recycling
    Germans are eco-friendly. Learn how to recycle: Paper, Plastic, Bottles and organic waste are separated from the rest.
  • Weather
    The weather is very cold in Berlin in January, sometimes up to 15 °C below 0. Make sure to pack proper clothing, e.g. a winter jacket and water resistant shoes.
  • Health system / Health insurance
    In Germany it is a must to have a health insurance. Be sure to have a health insurance that is also valid in Germany.