TU Dortmund University’s International Office mentors international interns in the region of Dortmund.

It also helps students of TU Dortmund University to submit their applications for work placements abroad.

The Region Internship

Since its founding more than 50 years ago, TU Dortmund University has developed a special profile encompassing 17 departments ranging from science and engineering to social sciences and culture studies. The university has about 32,476 students and 6,857 employees, including 332 professors. The various scientific disciplines share a common university spirit in which interdisciplinarity, communication and cooperation are not only taught, but lived and experienced. As a result, technological innovation, progress in methods and knowledge are virtually programmed at TU Dortmund.

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A large and diverse city in the Ruhr valley, Dortmund, European Capital of Innovation 2021, offers all the advantages of urban life in a metropolitan area of some 5 million people. At the same time, half of the city’s spaces are green, which makes Dortmund one of the greenest major cities in Europe. Whereas the traditional coal and steel mills have been transformed into creative spaces and cultural hotspots and Dortmund has developed into an important university and science location, the city has retained its soccer culture with some of Germany’s most fun and enthusiastic soccer fans celebrating their team in Borussia Dortmund’s 80,000 seat stadium. When you come to Dortmund, you will recognize immediately that you are not in a typical study abroad location. It is a territory you can discover for yourself, making new friends in a remarkably welcoming and multifaceted environment.

This local committee is only able to work with students enrolled at TU Dortmund University. Contact for internships abroad: Team “Studies and Internships Abroad (Outgoings)”  Office Hours / going-abroad@tu-dortmund.de

Contact for internships in Dortmund: Team „Internationale Praktika (Incomings)“ Office Hours / internships@tu-dortmund.de

Will your internship take place during the summer? Then you can look forward to getting an invitation to the annual Meeting of the Minds to get to know not only the Ruhr Area culture but also many other interns in the area!

Application Instructions and news and information about presentations and events for internships abroad can be found at the International Office’s homepage.