Working for IAESTE

© IAESTE LC Aachen/Artem Lauk

Are you finding student life tedious, seeing the same people around you day in, day out and condemned to improving your language skills online? There is another way!

Why not participate in IAESTE? As a member of a Local Committee team, you’ll have no trouble making international contacts in your town or city.
IAESTE – this stands for commitment from students for students in an informal team-based atmosphere. We welcome everyone who wants to work with us – from all departments. All duties associated with the Local Committee are easy to complete alongside full-time study and add variety to student life. Collaborating with us in the Local Committee is not associated with any obligations as such; we merely place great value on reliability and a sense of responsibility.

The following 10 reasons are bound to convince you to participate in IAESTE:

1. Contrast to your studies

Have you grown tired of theory-based studies and fancy a change? As a member of our Local Committee, you can perform a variety of tasks suited to your strengths and preferences: organising excursions and accommodation, planning and implementing projects, advising other students and arranging placements…

2. Stays abroad

You’re well-placed for an excellent work placement abroad, not to mention the chance to participate in countless enjoyable international meetings worldwide – practical international experience with a high fun factor – in over 80 countries around the globe!

3. International contacts

IAESTE – a global network. The association allows you to communicate with students from around the world. Exchange experiences, organise joint projects or maintain long-term friendships!

4. Social skills (Soft-Skills)

All companies require these, but many students aren’t able to deliver. At IAESTE, you invest in your own future – by dealing responsibly with your tasks on the Local Committee you can learn how to explain and defend your ideas when talking to others, hold discussions, negotiate with company representatives – and much more!

5. Teamwork

More heads are better than one where brainstorming’s concerned. Then you decide on the way forward together with your team members… Teamwork is essential, both at IAESTE and later on in your professional life. Join IAESTE and boost your capacity for teamwork.

6. Use your foreign languages actively

Have your foreign language skills got a little rusty since leaving school? Or do you speak an exotic language? Through us, you can make contact with interns and students from around the world: Japan, Brazil, England, Finland… almost all of them speak English. It’s the perfect opportunity to use a foreign language on a regular basis and improve your own skills. You’ll quickly learn new terms directly from the source or can teach the interns to get their bearings in German.

7. Express your creativity

Are you talented when it comes to writing, drawing and speaking? But do you feel insufficiently challenged during your academic studies… or can’t you find the right tasks and responsibilities? Talk to us – we can always use creative minds: for our articles, advertising, graphics and layout.

8. Take responsibility

This is no alien concept to us. We perform tasks which require a high level of responsibility – and the gratitude and satisfaction of our interns show us that our efforts are more than worthwhile.

9. A world full of new acquaintances

IAESTE’s global network is a great source of international friendships. And our wide-ranging projects mean that you’re bound to meet again – somewhere…

10. It’s FUN!

Come and see for yourself. We look forward to meeting you!

And, if there doesn’t happen to be an IAESTE Local Committee in your city yet, then you’re welcome to found a new one. This is easier than you might think. Talk to us or write to us; we (and neighbouring local committees) will be happy to help you!