Application process

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Applications can only be made via IAESTE’s local committees!

Registrations and applications possible at any time throughout the year

Registration on the IAESTE Exchange Platform is of course possible all year round. During the year, our foreign national committees always offer short-term offers. You can apply for these at any time.

Please get in touch with your local committees or the national committee, we will help you.

The IAESTE local committees accept applications for the IAESTE programme for the following year (“provisional application”) from October onwards. The application deadline is January 15th each year.

Please register at the international used IAESTE Exchange Platform (EP) as a student for sending your “provisional application”. The verification of your account can be done after you have uploaded a CV, a current transcript of records, a valid certificate of enrolment and a language certifiacte approving your english skills. After your verification you should complete your profile so that we can search a suitable internship offer for you. Please have a look at the details at the EP.

Each year, we receive details of several hundred potential work placements from our IAESTE partners in over 80 countries.

In around mid-February, the local committees will send you information about a work placement tailored to your qualifications, taking account of your preferred target country as far as possible.

If you are interested in accepting the offer of this work placement, now is the time to complete the application dossier and submit this to the local committee in March.

The application dossier is subsequently forwarded to the international employer via the national committees involved. Please note: in general, the application must have reached its international destination by 15 March.

If your application is successful, you will receive official confirmation of the same between mid-April and mid-/late May (depending on the placement’s desired start date), in addition to the binding assurance that the international employer has consented to employ you as an intern.

The IAESTE Committee in the host country simultaneously issues all the documents required for the visa application or work permit. The National Committee in the placement country is the first port of call for the next step: preparing your stay.

After this, nothing should stand in the way of a successful work placement!