Internship in Germany

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Unfortunately, no applications for an internship in Germany can be accepted directly by the German Committee. Anyone interested in doing a work placement in Germany is advised to contact the IAESTE National Committee in their home country.

Dear applicant, we are delighted that you have applied for a work placement in Germany. As soon as the employer has accepted your application, nothing will stand in the way of your work placement.
We organise various excursions and events for our interns as part of our summer mentoring programme. During your work placement, you will be able to gain important experience of your subject, as well as learning a host of new things.

These pages provide important information about Germany, details on the next steps following the acceptance of your application, and helpful tips to prepare your stay.

Information about Germany

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Your journey to Germany

This way, please, if you’ve been accepted for an IAESTE internship in Germany...