Preparing your stay

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Off you go…

After receiving official confirmation – and not before – you can book your flight. As a general rule, you will now receive details of your accommodation, collection at the station/airport, etc. from the international committee.

DAAD brochure (only in German) “Auslandspraktikum – so läuft das – Fakten und Tipps”.

Download: Praktikum im Ausland [pdf, 5.94 MB]

The DAAD offers further helpful services for your work placement abroad, such as the DAAD group insurance policy or a travel grant.

Precaution for travelling

You can find information for your host country, the current safety information and regulation for visa at the homepage from the Federal Foreign Office. Please read any update regarding the current security situation in your host country or region: you can subscribe to an E-Mail-Newsletter from the Federal Foreign Office or install their appropriate app. Have a look into independent news. You can also note the phone and emergency numbers from the nearest German diplomatic mission. You can find these phone numbers at the websites of the respective German diplomatic mission.

In case you have not done it until now you should enter your contact details into the Crisis Prevention List for German citizens provided by the Federal Foreign Office ( In case of need you will be contacted via this list from the German diplomatic mission.

Please see also the leaflet from the DAAD at their homepage for precaution.