Your benefits

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There are many benefits to completing an internship abroad with IAESTE.

→ Free recruitment of paid, subject-related work placements. Wages adequately cover country-related student living costs.

→ Support from the respective IAESTE National Committee prior to and during the placement. Help with formalities (e.g. visa), accommodation arrangements and organisation of excursions and parties on site in order to ensure the experience is perfect.

→ No need to embark on a laborious search for a placement. We provide you with a list of options, and all you have to do is submit the application. And, as far as that’s concerned, the local committees will be happy to help you write yours!

Other great benefits:

  • Application for a travel grant for journeys to non-European countries possible (via the DAAD)
  • Create a global network of like-minded individuals
  • Read about the experiences of those on previous internships