The IAESTE Local Committee Erlangen supervises the foreign trainees in the Erlangen and Nuremberg region.

It also supports students from the universities of Middle Franconia in applying for an internship abroad. In addition to the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Nuremberg Institute of Technology, students from the following universities can also apply: Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, Ansbach University, University of Bamberg and University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden.

The local committee is supported by student volunteers.

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The application

Update: Here you can find the new presentation of the last Info Event of the FAU International Day (08.11.).

Are you interested in an internship with IAESTE?

For the regular procedure, after the Annual Conference (AC) at the end of January, we will send you a list of all positions in Germany. Then we will receive the Erlangen list at the national exchange conference in mid-February, where you can then apply for the specific positions.

You can find short-term offers in English here, for which you can apply immediately. If you are interested, send us an email to with the subject “Internship” and the associated reference number, we will be happy to help you.

The application process is also described in more detail here.

Important! You can find more information about the outgoing process in our last presentation for the information event of the FAU International Day (from November 9th, 2021). As inspiration you will find the IAESTE “Germany Offers” 2021 with the Germany-wide internship offers under the linked texts – which the students will receive at the end of January after the global exchange conference (AC = “Annual Conference”). After the national exchange conference (“TK”) we get a second list with the “Erlangen Offers” 2021, which are intended exclusively for the students of our LC.

The region

Erlangen is a Franconian city in the district of Middle Franconia of the Free State of Bavaria. The district-free city is a university town with more than 100,000 inhabitants making it the smallest of the eight major cities in Bavaria.
Wide streets, Baroque buildings and open spaces – Erlangen is considered one of the best preserved baroque planned cities in Germany and appeals with a very special atmosphere. Experience the versatility of the smallest city in Bavaria: The beautiful castle garden in the centre of the city, the Erlangen old town with its winding, narrow streets, optimal shopping with short distances, creative cuisine, outstanding cultural facilities and events and living beer tradition.


In an increasingly competitive job market, much has been said about the need to gain relevant work experience before graduation- IAESTE not only provides traineeship experience but also the valuable experience of working abroad. Work experience gained abroad enhances your independence and flexibility, communication and foreign language skills, and contributes to your personal and academic development.
You are interested in an internship in Erlangen or want to go abroad with our help? Write us an email on Ask us anything, we will be happy to help.

Join us

Volunteering with IAESTE can be a rewarding experience. IAESTE local committees are run by students and by getting involved you can develop new skills, organisational, managerial, financial, social, and most importantly, you can make new friends and be a part of something special.
If you are interested in beginning a new journey with us? Write us an email on

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