Welcome at the Local IAESTE Commitee at University of Bayreuth!

We support and mentor international interns in and around Bayreuth to make their stay an unforgettable experience. At the same time we help local students to find their international internships and submit their applications.

Get your official language certificate for your internship application now!

To apply for an internship, you need official proof of your English language skills (at least level B2), which must not be older than 2 years. For this purpose, the university’s language center is offering a free DAAD exam.

The region Internship

Bayreuth is a town in southern Germany in the region of Upper Franconia. It has 75 000 inhabitants of which 13 000 are students at the University of Bayreuth. Bayreuth has a long historical record and many sights show of its past. Bayreuth is also very well known for Richard Wagner. Until today the Wagner Festival is held every summer and attracts visitors from around the world.

Bayreuth is situated between Franconian Switzerland and Fichtelgebirge, two small mountain ranges with beautiful forests. There are many hiking trails, you can go mountain biking or canoeing or explore one of the many caves embedded in the mountains.

In Bayreuth there are a lot of parks that are perfect to meet friends and enjoy the weather. The Hofgarten in centre of town is a common meeting space for local students. There are multiples pools in town. In winter you can warm up and relax at Lohengrin thermal baths and in summer you can cool down at Kreuzstein open air bathes right next to the university. In winter you can go ice skating or skiing at the Ochsenkopf mountain.

Bayreuth belongs to Bavaria which is renowned for its beer. The Maisel’s Brewery with its beer adventure world is in town and you will be able to try a lot of different beer from local breweries during your stay here.


You have been accepted for an internship in Bayreuth? Great! We are happy to welcome you in our lovely hometown. Get in touch with us (Mail) and we will do our best to make your time in Bayreuth unforgettable.

As an intern in Bayreuth you will either stay in a student dormitory next to the university and close to the city centre or in a private shared flat. We will provide you with a bike and all the information you need. The IAESTE local committees in Germany and neighbouring countries regularly organizes weekend trips to different cities within and close to Germany which you are welcome to join. We as your local IAESTE committee also organise events like hiking trips, bowling and barbecues which are a perfect opportunity to get to know other IAESTE interns and local students.

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Weekly Meetings

You want to join in on IAESTE and help us make it even better? Or maybe you just simply want to ask a question? Currently we are having our weekly meetings on wednesdays at 6:15pm in the StuPa (round building between ZUV and Studentenwerk). Just come by or write us an email!!