The IAESTE/AIESEC Local Committee Berlin mentors international interns and is based in room Berlin.

It also helps students of the universities in Berlin to submit their applications for internships abroad. The support centre is run by student volunteers.

Going abroad with IAESTE Berlin

Can I apply for internships at the moment? 

  • Yes ! You can apply for FCFS (First Come First Serve) und COBE (Continuous Online Based Exchange) offers. You can get access to the AC (Annual Conference) Offers if you register on the Exchange Platform until January.
  • There can only be one application per person. Caution! Please take note of the time arrangements stated by the employer. They are usually not negotiable!
  • If you found a suitable internship, write us an email.
  • You can find a list here :, but there can occur some updating delays.
  • If you want to see the latest list, you have to register on our application portal, the IAESTE Exchange Platform and upload the following documents in English:
    • CV
    • Transscript of Records
    • the most recent Certificate of Enrolment
    • English Language Certificate (does not have to be TOEFFL, should not be older than two to three years)
  • If you do not include those documents, we cannot verify you on the Exchange Platform and thus you won’t be able to see any of our vacancies.
  • Keep in mind that you will use this platform for the further application process.

When is the next Application Phase?

  • The regular application phase for AC Offers has started now!
  • During this time, it is possible to apply for AC (Annual Conference) offer. The application process for AC offer is different to the one for FCFS and COBE offer.
  • If you want to learn about the application process and how it worked last year, you should read this presentation: The Outgoing Process .

Office Hours

  • Due to the pandemic we can’t offer in person meetings and we can’t be reached by phone.
  • Alternatively, we created a Calendly-Link:
  • You can choose time and date for a video call via Google Meet there. Please set it up at least two days in advance.

Join Our LC as member

As a member you can take on a lot of interesting and challenging tasks. Being a member in one of our teams means taking over responsibility, improving your soft skills and meeting students from all over the world. We have no limitations on what you have to study in order to become a member.

Take the first step by arranging a get-to-know meeting trough our Calendy-link Please choose a date that is at least two days in advance.

We prepared a short overview of the Teams we have. You can still write us if you are not sure what team you would like to join.

For IAESTE interns:

During your stay you can also volunteer at IAESTE Berlin. Just contact your buddy.

Weekly Team Meetings

During the pandemic, we connect via Discord for our weekly team meetings. We meet on sunday at 7:30 pm. If you would like to join a meeting, contact us trough Email or our Calendly Link

In our meetings we talk about the recent developments in our teams and usually end with some fun games or relaxed conversation.

The region

Berlin is the biggest and most populated city in Germany.

Everything that you could wish for especially as a student Berlin has to offer: Famous sights, great food from all over the world, big clubs and small cozy cafés.

So, if you have the chance come visit us and explore!


Can you apply for multiple offers at once?

No, multiple applications aren’t possible. In case of a rejection, you have the chance to apply for another offer.

What’s a FCFS offer?

FCFS stands for “First Come First Serve” and, as the name suggests, the first interested applicant gets the offer.

That’s why you don’t have much time to wait. If you want to apply for an offer, you have to register on the Exchange Platform and upload all necessary documents.

After that, please write us an email and we try to assign you to the offer as soon as possible.

What’s a COBE offer?

COBE stands for “Continuous Online Based Exchange” and specifies offers that aren’t restricted to a country. It means that each of the 80 IAESTE member countries can  put up a candidate for that offer.

Similar to FCFS offers you should act fast, register on the Exchange Platform, upload all necessary documents and notify  us via email.

What’s an AC offer?

AC (Annual Conference) offer are assigned  during the annual application phase.

It consists of several phases:

  1. Starting from October until December, we try to reach students and call attention to our organization and our service, so that interested students register on the Exchange Platform.
  2. Based on the number of registrations that each of the German committees reached during phase 1 , each committee will get a certain amount of offers.
  3. At the Annual Conference, the National Committees of all IAESTE countries meet to exchange internship positions. The German Committee usually receives about 1000 offers for the German students.
  4. In advance of the Exchange Conference in Germany in February, you will be able to see the list and get to choose your preferences. During that event each of the German local committees can choose their certain amount of internships and we try to decide based on our priority list.
  5. We usually receive about 40 internship positions for which you can apply.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that we get to receive your favorite offer but we try our best.
  6. If you are assigned to an offer and apply for it, you’re now the only applicant on that position worldwide.
  7. That’s why we have to take a deposit to be sure that you actually take this exclusive opportunity and do the internship.