The IAESTE Local Committee at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) mentors international interns and is based in room Karlsruhe.

It also helps students of the KIT to submit their applications for internships abroad. The local committee is run by student volunteers.



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The Region

Karlsruhe is a city located in the south-west of Germany, close to the French boarder.
The city has a mild climate with 1798 hours of sunshine a year, 102 km of bicycle path, around 900 hectares of green space and more than 135 cultural institutions and is also home to the federal constitutional court of Germany.
So as you see – there is a lot to discover in the city with the fan-shaped layout!



We arrange paid internships for Karlsruhe students of natural and engineering sciences.
The income of an IAESTE internship depends on the typical cost of living in the country. For internships outside of the EU, you will usually receive additional support through a travel allowance from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
Most internships last 2-3 months and take place in the summer months; however, there is everything from 4 – 52 weeks and all seasons.
Where to go abroad? You can find the IAESTE member countries on the official IAESTE website by scrolling down to Member Countries.

Information about the application process


Every year we welcome foreign students to Karlsruhe, who either complete their internship at the university or in companies.
Accommodation is usually in student residences.
In addition to national activities, we organize regular meetings, cooking evenings and excursions into the surrounding area.


Support us

Bring the world home to you: As a member of the IAESTE team you help German and foreign interns with your voluntary work. You make new contacts in Germany and all over the world, get to know other cultures and many nice people. Of course you also have the possibility to apply for an internship abroad yourself. And above all, it’s simply fun!

Come to one of our weekly meetings, get to know us personally and become part of #iaestefamily!


Our meetings are every Monday at 7 pm on Teams. join us we are pleased.