The IAESTE Local Committee Konstanz mentors international interns and is based in room Konstanz.

It also helps students of the University of Konstanz and HTWG to submit their applications for internships abroad. The local committee is run by student volunteers.

Whether you want to do an internship or join us, you can always drop by, or write us an email. We are pleased to meet you!

LC Konstanz Support us

We are the IAESTE team at the University of Konstanz. Our committee consists of five students from various studying fields.

We volunteer to ensure that students from Konstanz and the surrounding area can do a paid internship abroad. At the same time, we look after students who come to Konstanz for an internship. More precisely, this means that we organize the application process for internships abroad and are available for you as a contact person during the application process. We also support our international guests by looking for accommodation and helping them with the daily hurdles that life in Germany can bring with it. We also organize excursions and all kinds of leisure activities like a barbecue on “the Hörnle” (a swimming spot), a kayaking weekend on Lake Constance, a trip to the Black Forest, or an international cooking evening.

We are involved with IAESTE because we enjoy contact with foreign interns. Our motivation is to enable as many students as possible to go abroad and thus promote intercultural exchange. Have we piqued your interest? Would you also like to work for a network of global internship exchange? Then drop by or write us an email! We always meet on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in PZ801 (currently only virtual).


Konstanz is a beautiful city right on Lake Constance, with a view of the Alps and a historic old town. Have you been accepted for an internship in Konstanz? We would be happy to give you a city tour with lots of useful tips for everyday life in Konstanz. For more general information about Konstanz, click here.


The IAESTE Local Committee Konstanz arranges specialist internships abroad for students in the region of Konstanz in all technical and scientific subjects, including business. During the internship, you have to be an enrolled student. Internship positions are in the industry as well as at research institutes. Most IAESTE internships last about 2-3 months and often take place in summer. In general, the internships get paid. The size of the salary depends on the typical cost of living in the country. The locally IAESTE committee takes over the search for suitable accommodation for the interns and supports you with all the necessary formalities. This service is free of charge for students enrolled in Germany. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) finances the IAESTE program.

You might get a better impression by reading this experience report.


We work voluntarily for IAESTE because we are very interested in getting to know people from all over the world and in this way to learn more about other cultures and languages ​​- just like you! For this reason, we give everything to make your stay in Konstanz as pleasant and fun as possible. As part of our summer care, we organize various excursions and events for our interns. During your internship, you have the opportunity to gain valuable experience for your field of study and to learn new things. At the same time, we would like to bring you closer to German society and culture during your stay. Together with us and around 10 other interns, you will have an unforgettable time in Konstanz! If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

Application process

New application round for internships in 2021!

The pre-application process is currently taking place to assess how many students are interested in an internship. The deadline for the pre-application is January 14th! It is absolutely non-binding. All you have to do is register on the IAESTE Exchange Platform and upload the following documents:

  • CV
  • Transcript of records
  • Language certificate for English
  • A certificate of enrollment

If your preliminary application is valid, we can send you a selection of internship positions at the end of January. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Missed the first for the annual application round or want to leave earlier? No problem, there are more places during the year. Maybe you find here something suitable for you!

Consultation hour

We offer a consultation hour every second Monday. Do you have individual questions about your internship abroad? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Most of the semester is virtual. If you have any questions, just write us an email and we can make an appointment via Zoom, etc.