Our employers are convinced of the services provided by IAESTE.

“Kisters AG has been collaborating with IAESTE’s German Committee and employing international interns for many years. IAESTE pre-selects the applicants and only suggests candidates with suitable specialist skills, considerably relieving our HR managers as a result. For us, it is essential that IAESTE provides the interns with social support – the voluntary members of the IAESTE Local Committee find them appropriate accommodation, accompany the international guests on visits to the authorities and organise a leisure programme. As employers, we are thus only responsible for providing interns with professional support.” (Quote has been translated)
Dr. Heinz-Josef Schlebusch, KISTERS AG (EN)
“I have been collaborating with the IAESTE staff for over 15 years and take student interns for a period of three months. I really enjoy working with IAESTE interns. The DAAD is an organisation which places great value on the pre-selection of students; the students can always speak some German, are motivated and often highly qualified. Three months is of course a short time to produce significant learning outcomes when working together, but I sometimes have the feeling that the international students come to me particularly because they expect specific things of their training and further development, and feel they can achieve a considerable amount here. There have also been instances in which I’ve been able to offer former IAESTE interns permanent positions after they have completed their studies, by maintaining contact with them beyond national borders. I really enjoy having international employees, whereby one of the key requirements is a knowledge of the German language.” (Quote has been translated)
Anja Beecken, Gesellschaft von Architekten und Energieberatern mbH (EN)