Welcome to our LC Bonn website!

You are studying close to Bonn and would like to have a unique experience by choosing one of the IAESTE internships or you would like to help our local committee in Bonn and join the IAESTE family? Then you are perfectly right here!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

LC Bonn Support us

Our group of 5 to 7 students forms the IAESTE Local Committee Bonn. We are all students at the university here and love to help others as an opportunity to make new experiences. All of us work voluntarily because we are very interested in getting to know people from all around the world and learning about other cultures and languages – just like you!

You are very welcome to support our LC. We meet at our office each week and talk about what has to be done next and plan cool and fun activities. Once a month we meet each other at a local bar, drink some beer and just have a nice time together.

Next get together: 16.04.20  7pm at Babel (Breite Str. 67, 53111 Bonn)


We also follow the social distancing regulations and are currently only active outdoors and online. But we are even more happy to see new faces at our weekly online meetings!

We meet every Wednesday at 5:30pm in front of the Poppelsdorfer Schloss in Bonn (location) if the weather is good and online via Zoom should the weather be bad.

Sounds fun? Come and join us!


We are very happy that you have applied for an internship in Bonn. As soon as the employer has accepted your application you are good to go! After that we are trying our very best to make your stay here as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. During the summer we organise various trips and events for our interns. During your internship you have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience matching your field of study as well as learn completely new things. At the same time we would like to introduce you to the German society and culture. Together with us and other interns you will create unforgettable memories here in Bonn!

On our website you can find all the information neccessary for your stay in Bonn.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at any time!


The IAESTE Local Committee Bonn arranges internships abroad for students of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn in all technical and scientific fields. There are places in industry as well as at research institutes and universities. Most IAESTE internships last about 2-3 months and often take place during the summer months. The internships are generally paid; the earnings depend on the typical cost of living of the country. IAESTE takes care of the housing search for the interns and takes care of all necessary formalities. This service is free of charge for students enrolled in Germany. It is made possible by the integration of the IAESTE programme into the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

In order to participate in the IAESTE programme, you must register on the exchange platform. Further information on the outgoing procedure at LC Bonn can be found in our outgoing guide for applicants. Once you got an internship, all you have to do is to sign the contract with us and the adventure can beginn! The outgoing contract is only available in german.

Opening hours

Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm

in our office at the AVZ  (Endenicher Allee 11-13 53115 Bonn)