Former members (alumni) of IAESTE Germany not only comprise previous members of local committees, the National Committee, International Offices or other support centres. They also naturally include former “outgoers”, German students who have completed a work placement abroad, and international students who have had the opportunity to gain practical experience in Germany, known as “incomers”.

At international level, a platform was founded, which enables alumni to contact and stay in touch with friends, employees and other IAESTE enthusiasts. In addition to current information about IAESTE, the platform also allows users to network and find out about all the latest job opportunities.

IAESTE Germany’s getting its own Alumni Association!

The idea to found a separate IAESTE Alumni Association in Germany emerged some time ago. The time has finally come, and we’re ready for the launch. As IAESTE has always been, and remains all about mutual collaboration, and as we know that the commitment and motivation of our alumni is as strong as ever, we would like to give all those interested the opportunity to participate. We have developed a concept and a set of objectives with a small group of individuals and intend to launch the association next year. If you’re interested, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to give you more details.

Here’s to the success of a very active IAESTE Alumni Germany community!