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IAESTE Germany is part of the German Academic Exchange Service
Th, 15/Oct/2015

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IAESTE Germany is funded by the Federal Foreign Office
Th, 15/Oct/2015

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who can get an internship and which requirements have to be met?

    Every student enrolled in a German institution of higher education (University or Hochschule) may apply for an internship through IAESTE Germany. It is crucial that you are enrolled in a study program over the entire duration of the internship, it is unfortunately not possible to start an IAESTE internship after graduation.

  • For which fields of study does IAESTE provide internships?

    IAESTE provides internships for students in nearly all fields in science, engineering and agriculture. However, for students of other subjects a request to the responsible local committee might be worth it a s well.

  • How do I get an internship with IAESTE?

    Students who submit a pre-application to their responsible local comitee untll November 30th have the chance to be nominated for an internship in the following year. If the local committee nominates the student for an internship, IAESTE forwards the application to the employer, who has the final call about acceptance for the internship.

  • Are the internships payed for?

    All IAESTE internships are payed. The salary depends on the host country and the employer and covers the cost of living in the host country. For comparison: The IAESTE cost of living rate for Germany (minimum wadge for interns) currently amounts to 650€.

  • What do I have to pay for the placement service?

    The placement through IAESTE Germany is free of charge. This is possible in Germany because of the incorporation of the IAESTE - program into the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).
    However, some local committees require their applicants to provide an application deposit, which is refunded after the completion of the internship or the rejection of the intern through the employer.

  • Why is there no company name on my offer document?

    In order to protect the employers, e.g. from premature contacting, we do not provide any detailed information about the companies or the supervisors for the internship. Please keep in mind that IAESTE provides a service, thus it is important for IAESTE to spare the employers from any unnecessary organisational efforts. After your nomination through IAESTE, you receive the official offer document (Form O), which contains the full information about the employer.

  • What do I have to include in my full application?

    After being nominated by IAESTE for an internship, you have to prepare the full application document to be send to your employer. Upon nomination, you will receive a list of the required documents from your local committee.

  • I have not received any news from my employer, whom can I contact?

    Depending on the host country it might take a few months until the acceptance papers are returned by the employer. We kindly ask for your understanding and a little patience. If you did not received any information until six weeks prior to the start of your internship, please feel free to contact the responsible exchange coordinator for your host country at DAAD.

  • Can I participate in IAESTE?

    Most of the local committees are run voluntarily by students. The tasks the local committees have to fulfill offer, besides a lot of fun and diversion to the studies, the possibility to acquire and develop soft skills (e.g. intercultural communication, language and project management).
    If you are interested in joining IAESTE as an volunteer, please feel free to contact your nearest local comitee!

  • Are there any other internship programs?

    Besides IAESTE, the DAAD offers a variety of interessting placement possibilites. An overview can be found here (German only)!